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Ledgering water values

  Katrina Donaghy, founder of Civic Ledger and Water Ledger and blockchain leader, comes on to discuss blockchain and how it can benefit the water sector. In this session, you’ll learn about: Katrina’s background in Australian disaster response and how it transitioned her into the utility space Katrina’s work in the “utility of the future” …

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Creating ripples

Ripple Effect 51: Quick Trip Down Under Then Back to the Blockchain Such fun to participate in this riveting discussion with Emily Lewis. We covered topics from how the Murray-Darling Basin approached their water scarcity issues and created one of the world’s most developed water markets, to blockchain as a tool for facilitating water market …

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Water: Digitally transformed

In our last opinion piece, we argued that water rights management is ripe for disruption and digital transformation. But what exactly does digital transformation mean, what is driving it, and how does it link to water rights management?  To quote the Sound of Music: “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.”  “Data is widely recognised as having the potential …

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Water rights: the beating heart of sustainable water management?

Water is vital to our wellbeing and prosperity, individually and collectively. In times of plenty we give it little thought, while in times of scarcity we recognise its true value, at least momentarily. With advancing climate change impacting water availability, coupled with growing demand there are many headlines all over the world talking of actual and impending …

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