The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

Hans Hoffman

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Replicating the trading rules and systems of today does not create a next generation water market. This becomes possible by automating, simplifying, and in some cases reimagining the way that water markets work. We offer …

automating approvals

analytics, information, innovation

A large number of government agencies, community bodies, tribunals, courts, and private sector organisations and businesses are involved in the administration of water. This makes the trading of water products very complicated.

We code these business rules as smart contracts to simplify and automate transactions, including links to external analog systems.

trade rules

We code water trade rules that define who can participate in the market, what products can be traded to whom, when, and where.


Where regulatory approval is required for a trade to proceed we work with users and regulators to identify and code the business rules that apply.


Once all regulatory and operational approvals are in place we offer a range of financial settlement options, including cryptocurrency.


Where the trade of a water product impacts the physical movement of water we work with relevant water operators to identify and code the necessary business rules.

digital twins

We build digital twins of water management and delivery infrastructure, and approvals processes to help inform next generation water markets in real-time.


We work with water infrastructure operators to build digital twins to inform the market on delivery or storage capacity for water trading. This can automate operational approvals and inform market participation.


We work with users and regulators to map the workflows of trade approval decisions, and encode them as smart contracts on the blockchain. This automation simplifies and speeds up the trading experience.