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Henry ford

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To operate a successful next generation water market requires two essential ingredients: a record of who traded what with whom, when, and for what price, and a way to broadcast and manage sell and buy orders. We offer …

trades ledger

We use the blockchain to create an immutable record of all the events that relate to a trade. These events record the the information supply chain, or lifecycle, of the trade.

We store the essential components of the event – what happened, when it happened, and who was involved on the blockchain. But, we also store information associated with the event, such as the underlying rights, formal decisions, a record of payment, and so on.


The blockchain stack offers a high degree of security – an immutable record that cannot be changed and encryption means it is safer than a shared database.


Business and trading rules are stored as smart contracts – they are the rules that automatically execute on the blockchain when triggers are met.


To avoid mistrust between parties and data we provide a fully transparent single point of truth, with updates visible to all in real-time.


Customised to respect all current privacy and confidentiality rules, with custom smart contracts coded to reflect the unique characteristics of each market.

trading platform

To support the trading of water products we offer a blockchain trading platform built for contemporary devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Our trading platform integrates relevant water market information to effectively and quickly match the needs of buyers and sellers – reducing cost, time and complexity.


The blockchain stack offers a high degree of security, reinforced by the consistent application of business and trading rules. Where necessary data is published to external systems of record in real time.


Smart contracts capture and automate transactions reducing the time from initial interest to completion and settlement from weeks or months to hours or days. Creating digital twins of approval processes and water infrastructure offer the potential of real-time trading.


All trades are captured and published in near real time with immediate acess to trade history and market trends. Business and trading rules built in, with any changes immediately transparent to all – everyone sees the same data at the same time.


Trading is highly simplified. Buyers are presented with only those trades relevant to their situation, with a focus on a small number of key parameters. Integration of key business intelligence from external sources enhance the trading experience.