Ledgering water values


Katrina Donaghy, founder of Civic Ledger and Water Ledger and
blockchain leader, comes on to discuss blockchain and how it can benefit
the water sector.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Katrina’s background in Australian disaster response and how it transitioned her into the utility space
  • Katrina’s work in the “utility of the future” space for a major utility
  • A lay explanation of blockchain
  • The connection between data and blockchain
  • How blockchain helps interoperability of data across enterprises (i.e., how blockchain frees data from data silos)
  • How blockchain helps the water sector
  • How blockchain brings trust, accountability and transparency to data
  • What needs to happen before a company/market can engage in blockchain
  • Why blockchain will not solve “bad data”
  • Why blockchain is not an answer for every situation
  • Katrina’s problem first, tech second approach to determining when blockchain should be used
  • How blockchain can help the tragedy of the commons involving water
  • How blockchain serves the public interest and strengthens property rights
  • Blockchain’s role in democratizing information and making markets more efficient
  • Why the agricultural water sector is ripe for blockchain (and how blockchain is used in Australian water markets)
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