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Mahatma Gandhi

Indian political ethicist (1869-1948)

At Water Ledger our focus is working with water users, regulators, operators, intermediaries, and investors on the journey towards next generation water markets. We …


Working with water regulators, users, operators, and intermediaries we bring specialist knowledge on how to build next generation water markets, and help speed the pathway to market creation.

Our blockchain intelligence tools leverage a ledger of water rights to improve water management while offering critical information to inform when and whether to enter the market.

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Our blockchain based trades ledger establishes an immutable, fully transparent ledger of all trades of tokenised water products that becomes the fundamental system of reference.

An online trading engine uses embedded smart contracts to automate online trading and approvals.


To grow market participation and liquidity we  automate regulatory approvals through smart contracts with full electronic settlement. For real-time operations approval we help water insfrastructure operators to build digital twins that inform the market of water delivery constraints.

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